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Game Designer II

Daybreak Game Company

September 2015 - June 2018

H1Z1 (formerly King of the Kill)

Z2, "The Arena" - 10km x 10km- Level Design Lead

• Defined metrics for cover height/density, loot spot frequency, and
   interior/corridor sizes
• Maintained world section of wiki as information hub
• Categorized POI themes from delivered prop set, held kitbash brainstorm
   sessions to solicit unique location ideas
• Laid out major map features, road/highway network, and POI locations
• Designed world tasking pipeline, task breakdown, time estimates
• Set filename conventions & organized in-world library zones including
   hundreds of prefab buildings & groups
• Created style guides, provided mentoring & tasking feedback
• Implemented work ranging from high-level city layouts down to
   sculpting road embankment grades
• Modular prop & partition design
• Continued map iteration post-launch, including feature design,
   new/revamped POIs, and performance optimization
• Responsible for tool design & feature testing for world editor

Z1 Remaster, "Return of the Apocalypse" - 8km x 8km

• Greyboxed classic residential house models with updated interiors

• Developed high-contrast road style designed for visibility in BR &
   implemented dozens of km of connecting routes
• Manual terrain adjustment; lowering mountain ranges, easing
   terrain grades, and ecosystem/vertex tint painting over 64sq km

Planetside 2

• Pitched continent revamp as solo feature with estimated time & resources
• Identified & repaired problem nodes in interdependent lattice system
• Redesigned & hand-sculpted/painted massive tracts of battlefields
   between bases


• Greyboxed & themed buildings and playspaces
• Created layout & feature set for the game’s login hub
• Designed social systems & monetization options

Game Designer

Sony Online Entertainment / Daybreak Game Company

October 2011 - February 2015

Planetside 2

• Key role in defining the combined arms MMOFPS level design theory
• Designed and implemented over 70 unique combined arms FPS levels
   - Designed and implemented a 48v48 competitive esports map, Nexus
   - Designed and implemented the starter zone, Koltyr
   - Iterated on hundreds of square miles of playable area post-launch,
     applying personal, peer, and community feedback
• Curated & edited lore to fit within the game universe
• PR/Community; demos, streaming, twitter, forums, trade shows

Associate Game Designer

Sony Online Entertainment

April 2010 - February 2011

Clone Wars: Adventures

• Product owner of Saber Strike minigame
   - Designed minigame progression, tuned physics variables
• Economy Balance
   - Set score thresholds & win condition criteria for Starfighter & Republic Defender challenges
   - Interpreted BI data to normalize rewards across all minigames & difficulties

Quality Assurance Analyst

Sony Online Entertainment

May 2009 - October 2011


• Content Specialist; responsible for creating test plans and delegating work for new quests,               holiday events, minigames and systems.

• Development liaison responsible for relaying new feature information

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