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Dirty Deeds

          Dirty Deeds in Z2 was a re-imagining of the original Z1 POI. Contrasting with the originals level's cliffs and toxic waste disposal caves theme, this version is a largely flat dump/landfill with significantly less verticality and interior space.

- Level is split up into three distinct areas: the dump pit, warehouses, and the offices/storeyard entrance.

- The asphalt is subtly terraced to give players the an additional way to orient themselves amongst the warehouses.

- Added a little bit of visual storytelling to hint at the literal 'dirty deeds' taking place at the site. Where Z1's waste management company merely created a superfund site in their cave system, Z2's added an additional plague vector by getting rid of infected bodies here. A kitbashed, caged flatbed truck is suspended in time dumping the few remaining cargo corpses, its driver having vanished for one reason or another.

- The pit went through a few optimization passes to get prop variety to a point where it sold the theme well enough and didn't choke systems. Ended up lightly tapping a rubble texture into the garbage mound hills to hint at piles of dirty plastic bags and textiles.

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