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          Ponyvale is a large, forested, low density residential area themed as an equestrian community. The POI is located on a previously empty peninsula across the river from one of the map's three major cities. The distinct clubhouse/show corral area was designed to pull in the most contention, while each of the uniquely themed house lots provides a landmark and a 'safer' loot spot.

- Ponyvale has one entrance via the nearby city of Cranberry, and two additional bridges that lead in from the north and west. Since it's surrounded by a river with narrow chokepoints in, it can expose players who are approaching it from the outside. Conversely, players who choose to land here on the initial drop can lean on less players choosing this as their second stop looting.

- Road system was designed to cover a large part of the peninsula in a loop so you could easily regain your bearings if you got lost looting the houses. I also placed a water tower that's visible over the treetops to anchor where the corral area is.

- Greyboxed the stables with modularity, so the interior layouts could have more variety than the barn buildings did. It also sets them up for future use in some of the other farm & orchard POIs.

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