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PS2L Nexus


         The battle island concept came about as a result of an initiative to start a competitive scene for the game, requiring a few adjustments to keep the large scale of Planetside 2 while keeping numbers manageable for a spectator event. The Nexus was planned with a bunch of changes that make it an oddity alongside the other continents. It's 1/4th the area, 48 vs. 48, only two warpgates, has symmetrical outposts and equidistant hauls between bases.


           I was responsible for the design and implementation of the individual outposts, based on given guidelines for the island's lattice and scoring mechanics. After the heightmap was finished and handed off from art, the design side of Nexus was finished over the course of about 4 weeks June/July 2013. Although we ended up changing direction on our internal plans for the competitive stuff, The Nexus is still used on a special permission basis for community events and competitions.

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