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Hillside Villas

          We'd wanted to break away from the standard fenced-in grid residential areas we had that all felt interchangeable between each other. While they were quick to iterate on for the initial launch of Z2, the gameplay and visuals could benefit from more than the classic block-style suburbs had to offer. After doing some research and trying a few prototypes, we opted for terrain roads rather than mesh ones, and themed it as a rich rural-ish community. Irregular, themed backyard shapes and significant terracing set it apart from the other housing areas on the map.

- Created snap-on back patio sets that added a bit of visual variety, and a way to get loot out of buildings. Additionally, you could now loot people's barbecues and hot tubs!

- Created Community Clubhouse group and a few variants put together for future use. The main building provides a solid draw for players, often splitting the amount of individuals going for vehicle spawns.

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